Our services provide :

  • Experienced Independent Contract Drivers, who provide their own vehicle, operating expenses, insurance, fuel and repairs.
  • Drivers dedicated to your account.
  • Absences: RLS will provide a qualified driver every day.
  • RLS charges a flat monthly rate for contracted services which means no increased cost for high volume deliveries.
  • RLS management learns your system.
  • RLS provides $2,000,000.00 general liability insurance.

Local Operation :

  • Dedicated local service with contractors to handle your local shipping needs.
  • Instant two-way communication.
  • Contractors with large or small pick-ups that work to meet your business needs.
  • Back up for each contractor to avoid delay in delivery operations.
  • Hot shot service to handle overflow or special needs (upon availability).

Out of Town Operation :

  • Routes that service most metro areas within a 250-500 mile radius, as well as most rural areas along the way.
  • Consistent, reliable, and accurate overnight shipping that arrives at the customer’s location before 8:00am next business day in accordance with the customer’s business needs.
  • Cost effective for any type of shipment, large or small.
  • Bar coded shipment, return and COD tracking with proven accuracy.
  • Unprecedented communication from our company to yours to keep you and your customer informed.
  • Allows you to focus on a common goal… GROWTH